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The 3-day training paid for itself within the first hour.  - Alan  S.,  Security Program Manager, Amazon Web Services   

AYB Drafting is an exceptional small business, and their commitment and dedication to intern development programs in the A&E industry is not only impressive, but may be just what the future needs..  - Ty Blackford,  President, CH2M Plateau Remediation Company  

AYB Drafting is fantastic - great people who can provide top notch drafting with prompt response times!  Their support has helped us to better serve our valued clients.  Thanks AYB!  - Jack Gourley,  President, G6 Engineering LLC   

AYB Drafting created a custom-designed training plan specific to the City's needs.  They are thorough and professional.  I highly recommend AYB for employee training.  - Dan Ford., City Engineer, City of Pasco, WA

Great custom courses, excellent instructor and is able to hit all the main topics as well as the basic topics that would be needed within the harder topics.  Learned more in the 3 day course than I have in the three years utilizing AutoCAD. - Steven Gillette,  Security Program Manager, Amazon Web Services 

We believe that AYB is taking a step in the right direction with their intern program  - Chancellor Sandra Haynes, Washington State University Tri-Cities

AYB has proven themselves time and time again.  Exceptional training programs that just can't be found elsewhere.  Highly recommend!  - Neal Taylor.,  Gravis Law

AYB had an extremely knowledgeable presenter who exhibited great patience to ensure nobody would be left behind during the course.  - Jabari Hopson, Security Program Manager, Amazon Web Services

AYB  was very knowledgeable and presented a clear and dynamic course, open  to discussion and easy to follow.  The course was well supported with published media and after the course with  digital media. I would very much welcome another course with AYB.  -  Daniel Villa., Engineering Technician II,  City of Pasco, WA  

Outstanding training!  Will have direct impact and applicability in my office. -  Doug D.,  Security Program Manager, Amazon Web Services

AYB's innovative approach has recently proven effective....their approach could be expanded beyond the field of engineering. - President Rebekah Woods, Columbia Basin College

The instructor was knowledgeable and did a fantastic job of teaching the material.  The time spent learning will pay huge dividends with saved time on projects.  -  Michael C., Datacenter Security Manager,  Amazon Web Services

AYB Drafting was very thorough with their course material and teaching  it at a pace that I was comfortable with. Having a local course was extremely helpful. I would recommend them to any future/current designers.   -  Dalton W., Civil Designer,  Knutzen Engineering