recruiting, Staff Aug, Training and quality assurance


Recruiting for Client Direct Hire

With it's roots firmly planted in the Tri-Cities, AYB Drafting has contacts and networks that allow it to find talent for your firm that no one else can find.  We will recruit, interview, and vet the perfect addition to your team, and present them to you for the option to direct hire.

Staff Aug

AYB offers staff aug services to local and federal engineering and architecture companies of all sizes.  We can provide staff aug solutions for positions ranging from administration to trained interns, from CAD technicians to junior or tenured engineers and architects.  Leave the hiring hassle to us, so that your company can focus on what it does best.

Target Audience

Intern Program:  AYB Drafting actively searches for outstanding college freshman and sophomores, as well as selective high-school seniors, interested in a technical career, such as engineering, architecture, or drafting.

Career-level: AYB uses conventional methods of recruitment, including online job boards and job fairs, and unconventional methods, including our established relationships other firms and industry experts, with colleges and universities, etc.


Once a potential candidate has been selected for intern or career-level staff aug, AYB will begin the hiring process. This includes technical skills analysis, interviews, background screening, and reference checks.

Hiring, Training, Quality Assurance

Once a candidate has passed through the screening process successfully, they will be official AYB employees, and will immediately begin training (if the client has selected that option), to establish strong CAD software skills, and for interns, a variety of industry specific topics, laws and regulations, and client specified content, created by AYB.  Training programs will include certifications on subject software(s).

Intern Program: Once the interns undergo their rigorous training courses and exams, they are available to work on-site at your location. However, our service does not stop there. AYB engineers and specialists will check back with our clients every 30, 60, or 90 days, to verify client satisfaction. At this time, the client can discuss:

  • Any  feedback regarding the program
  • Specific training requests for ongoing development
  • Any issues or difficulties with their intern

as well as any other topic concerning the client and the AYB student.