Intern Professional Development Center (IPDC)


What is the IPDC?

A novel staffing and recruiting concept for the streamlining of human talent into the technical industry. The IPDC's tri-stage approach has proven to more effectively facilitate the transition from high school to post-graduate employment.

Why do we need the ipdc?

Education vs Expectations

Education vs Expectations

Education vs Expectations

Engineering employers are finding that graduates are not ready to begin contributing productively when they enter the workforce. 

The Graying of America

Education vs Expectations

Education vs Expectations

An enormous part of the current technical workforce is eligible to retire within the next 5 years. Who will take their place?

Supply vs Demand

Education vs Expectations

Supply vs Demand

Quality technical staff is hard to find, and even harder to keep. Many agencies have trouble attracting young talent.

How does it work?


A Proven Success

At a performance review for one of the IPDC’s Stage 3 students after 90 days of employment, the direct manager said:

“How soon can we get another one?”


In the Media

AYB presented a poster and published a technical paper regarding the IPDC during the 2020 Waste Management Symposium. Looking forward to integrating into the DOE community! 


Duplicate our Success

Would you like to have a regional IPDC of your own, adapted for your local community? Let us do a feasibility study to determine the key factors to making that happen!