Our staffing services


Recruiting for Direct Hire - Staff Aug

AYB staffing begins with the recruitment of potential candidates to fill the open position, performing initial skills/experience screening, background checks for staff aug, and conducting a series of interviews, to locate the best engineers and architects available.  

Once we locate the best candidate(s) for the open position, we can either hire them ourselves and contract out to you (staff aug), or we can work for a recruiting fee and offer the candidate to you for direct hire.

Either way, at the client's option, varying per situation, we can give the candidate CAD software and custom industry specific training prior to beginning work.


Intern Staff Augmentation PLUS

We find, train, & hire your interns, so you don't have to.

  AYB offers staff aug services different that other staffing companies!  We have two divisions, our intern-level staff aug and our career-level staff aug.

Our intern program is different than any other, and at AYB we are proud of our commitment to take part in the development of tomorrow's workforce.  We believe that there is a gap today between the education received by students in STEM  programs, and the necessary skills they need to enter the workforce.  

Our program:  We recruit, interview, and vet/background check interns in engineering and architecture fields, we hire them, we give them additional training in CAD programs, industry topics, and customized topics requested by the client (YOU), and then we contract them to you, the client.

Our interns are well-prepared to work at your location and are highly productive.  By the end of their internship and education program, you may choose to hire the intern directly as a staff engineer or architect, already familiar with your work and files!


Quality Assurance

AYB Drafting is committed to excellence. Therefore, AYB  engineers and specialists will reach out to the client regularly, to ensure satisfaction. At this time, the client can discuss:

  • Future plans for the student
  • Specific training requests for future students
  • Any issues or difficulties with their student

as well as any other topics.